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Charlie Cappable crafts designwares for her line, Cappable, out of a Parisian atelier using a trio of materials: wood, ceramics, and plastics. As the whimsical artisan explains, “Wood is my first crush . . . I love plastic even if it is the outcast material . . . and a few months ago, I met ceramics.” This happy threesome is used in the creation of her brand’s quirky lamps and tableware collections that seem to buzz with energy. And when it comes to color, Cappable also works in threes. “As a kid, I decided my favorite combo would be black, white, and one color. This is my holy trinity,” she says. Scroll through her e-shop and you’ll find vibrant (often primary-colored) objets that follow this color theory.

Cappable began her career as a decorator on movie sets, where she learned to be handy with woodwork, painting, and sculpture before opening up a bar where all the furniture was for sale. Last year, she founded her eponymous line, producing limited-edition items that quickly sell out (see: lamps fashioned out of mundane plastic kitchenwares). “Plastic can look like glass when it’s lit up,” says Cappable, who enjoys up-cycling the ubiquitous material. “I hang out in bazaar shops or markets to find plastic. I like to think that if I turn it into something nicely designed, it won’t end up in the ocean.” Redirecting expectations is all part of Cappable’s design ethos. “The part I like the most about my work,” she says, “is that I associate materials that are not supposed to fit together.” Once she’s put her finishing touch on something, though, you’d never guess this was the case.

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Texte : Lilah Ramzi - Photos : ©Cappable